Retired University Archivist Looks Back 32 Years: An Interview of Anne Turkos

On July 1, 2017, Anne Turkos retired as University Archivist of the University of Maryland, where she had worked for over 32 years. Turkos performed in a variety of professional roles, including as reference librarian, processing archivist, faculty member, historian, teacher, and mentor. On November 8, 2017, Turkos was interviewed by co-editor Eric Stoykovich, currently... Continue Reading →


A Remembrance: Mark Greene’s Intellectual Contributions to Archives

When Mark Greene died last June, the archival profession lost a leader and colleague whose contributions will not soon be repeated.  Mark was an archivist’s archivist.  It is hardly an exaggeration to say that he lived his profession to the exclusion of most other ordinary activities one could partake. The archival profession was his vocation,... Continue Reading →

“Who Cares?” Houghton Library 75th Anniversary Symposium. October 5-6, 2017

The Houghton Library Symposium, which marked the 75th anniversary of its founding, asked provocatively, “Who cares?” The resulting answers, provided by speakers and attendees, reflected a wide variety of opinions and experiences. The Houghton staff who planned the event were led by a Symposium Committee, which included Emilie Hardman, Dennis Marnon, Leslie Morris, and Ryan... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events

February 7-9, 2018 Winter School for Audiovisual Archiving (Netherlands). April 11-13, 2018 Society of California Archivists (SCA) Annual General Meeting (Yosemite, CA). April 11-14, 2018 Orphan Film Symposium (New York, NY). April 12-14, 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) (Hersey, PA). May 13-18, 2018 (Bloomington, IN); May 20-25 (New York, NY). Rare Book School May 28-30,... Continue Reading →

A Rare Palace: Houghton Library at 75

Houghton Library at 75: A Celebration of its Collections (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2017), xii + 116 pages. Envisioned as an “enchanted palace” by Harvard librarian Archibald Cary Coolidge in 1924, Houghton Library opened in 1942 with steel, bricks, and mortar, as well as a donation of stock in the Corning Glass Works from... Continue Reading →

Quotable History

"Archives are writings that have any historical importance, and national archives are those records that may be useful to one in writing a country's history or of any particular phase of its past, not merely the account of wars and the actions of politicians, but the actual life of the people; and to afford this... Continue Reading →

Call for Book Reviewers

The Editors of Archival History News seek volunteers to review works of archival history published since January 2017. We would like to feature reviews of the following titles in either the May or October 2018 issues of Archival History News. Please email the editors at to make a commitment to review a single book... Continue Reading →

Archival Anniversaries

275 YEARS American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA (1743) - "The oldest learned society in the United States, was founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin for the purpose of 'promoting useful knowledge.'" American Philosophical Society 80 YEARS Illinois State Archives, building, Springfield, IL (October 26, 1938) - The building now named the "Margaret Cross Norton building"... Continue Reading →

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