Recap: SAA 2017’s “Archives in Revolutionary Russia and Post-Soviet Ukraine” panel

Ascendant political leaders and new political institutions gain power and develop legitimacy by controlling the archival record, as this year’s Archival History Section Meeting in Portland has demonstrated. In one of the largest section gatherings of recent memory, over 50 attendees in the room (and one over Skype) heard two presentations by current Chair, Dr.... Continue Reading →


Return: Translated Works in The American Archivist

Editor of The American Archivist, Gregory S. Hunter, explains in the most recent issue that “English-speaking archivists have much to learn from the professional literature of other nations.”[1] Indeed, since the 1940s, translations have graced the pages of The American Archivist. In 1941, the medieval philologist and ‘Monuments Man’ Lester K. Born presented “Baldassare Bonifacio... Continue Reading →

Celebrating 90 Years of Service in Norfolk, Virginia

Celebrating its 90th year of public service, the Sargeant Memorial Collection (SMC) is the archives and special collections department of the Norfolk Public Library. The SMC is named in honor of William Henry Sargeant, the first librarian for the Norfolk Public Library. It is housed within the beautiful, state-of-the-art Slover Library in downtown Norfolk, Virginia,... Continue Reading →

Quotable History

"The function of the historian thus is to jog the social memory, to study the experience of society in the past and to set forth his findings for the service of the present." -- Waldo G. Leland (1917), "Concerning Catholic Historical Societies," Catholic Historical Review 2 (January 1917): 386-399, p. 386. Free online at The... Continue Reading →

Archival Anniversaries

215 YEARS National Archives of the Netherlands (Nationaal Archief), The Hague (1802) - "Custodian not only for the archives of the national government [of the Netherlands] but also the archives of some social organisations and individuals of national importance." Hendrik van Wijn was the first archivist.Nationaal Archief 200 YEARS Portsmouth Athenaeum, Portsmouth, NH (1817) -... Continue Reading →

Call for Papers: i-CHORA 8 (Melbourne, Australia)

The eighth International Conference on the History of Records and Archives will be held in Melbourne from May 28-30, 2018. I-CHORA 8 will be hosted by the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics at Monash University, and follows successful events in Toronto (2003), Amsterdam (2005), Boston (2007), Perth (2008), London (2010), Austin (2012) and Amsterdam... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events

Through December 2017 75th Anniversary Celebration of the opening of Houghton Library at Harvard University.Houghton Library 75 Years May 28-30, 2018 i-CHORA 8 (Melbourne, Australia).i-CHORA 8 August 12-18, 2018 Archival History Section Meeting, Society of American Archivists' Annual Meeting (Washington, D.C.).ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2018

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